Something’s Fishy, Tsukiji Market

It is the largest wholesale fish and seafood market in the world. Of course, it is most famous for tuna carcasses weighing over 300 kilograms but the market handles more than 400 different types of seafood. From seaweed to caviar, and from the tiniest of sardines to whale, you can find it here. Tsukiji Market […]

Thanks for the Tea, Bangkok

I hadn’t planned to eat my way through Bangkok. In the end, Bangkok got the last bite, swallowing me whole and spitting me out after chewing me into a cud. I smell like shrimp paste, butt sweat, sunburn, and Tuk Tuk exhaust. I leave day after tomorrow, for home in San Francisco, by way of […]

Anusarn Night Market, Chiang Mai

There’s nothing like the street markets in Thailand, especially at night when the cities come to life. You can find anything and everything at these markets, from fresh seafood to tourist souvenirs, foot massages and Lady Boys. The markets are a total visual and olfactory assault. Not for the claustrophobic, either let yourself get swept […]