Babes in Buddha Land and Thunder Dogs

No, not those kinds. You’ll have to wait until I conclude my trip in Khao Lak, near Phuket, for those kinds of babes.

Bhutan is a very poor country but difficult to place in terms of first, second, or third world. It is pretty much other worldly. Poverty is evident but there is also an absence of squalor and, most importantly, a culture of begging.

I’m not suggesting Bhutan is unburdened by the social diseases plaguing the rest of the world, developed or otherwise. It is just joyful and healing to experience a country, in which first world tourism accounts for a sizable chunk of its economy, where children are still children and not subject to exploitation.

Children are smiling and laughing, unafraid and eager to have their photographs taken without the expectation of earning a living by the breaking of their growing bodies and spirits.









Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Karmically, dogs are next in line to mankind. If we could get this through our thick skulls, I suppose the dogs in Thimphu wouldn’t stay up all night barking to get us to recognize their station on the great wheel.

Staying up all night in a canine frenzy of offended pride is exhausting.

I’m pretty wiped out and I didn’t bark at all.





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