And the (Prayer) Wheels in the Sky Keep on Turning

I live in San Francisco and work in North Beach. The next time, probably sometime in August, I blow a fuse trying to navigate narrow sidewalks around hordes of tourists, I’ll have to remember how kindly I’ve been treated by the Bhutanese.

The generosity and tolerance I’ve encountered here in Bhutan is unimaginable. Even the dumbest stuff I’ve done has been met with gentle amusement.

No tourist has ever asked to take my picture. It’s pretty doubtful I’m ever doing anything interesting enough to merit a photo op. But, if anyone ever does ask, I’m going to say yes. I’m even going to do something really interesting.

Spinning the wheels at Memorial Chorten, Thimphu

Changgangkha Lhakhang

Hanging our prayer flags with Renchen at Sangaygang View Point

Kencho and Renchen

Buddha Dordenma, the world’s largest Buddha

Building the giant Buddha stone by stone

Zilukha Nunnery

Ready for prayer wheels and decorative paint

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