Take Me to the River, Arashiyama

Just when you think you might overdose on endless beauty, a short train ride on the JR Sagano line takes you from Kyoto to Arashiyama and yet more beauty.


I think I am about to enter a beauty-induced coma.


Arriving at Arashiyama station, it’s a short walk to Tenryu-ji Temple. Leaving the temple grounds by the north gate takes you through a bamboo forest and to the river.



There are boats available for hire, some offer a set lunch to be enjoyed along with the scenery.




There are many food stalls and eateries along the main strip, as well as simple restaurants that overlook the river.



We chose a restaurant, with a view of the river and shared tables. The day was warm and beer seemed like a brilliant idea. I proceeded to order the biggest bottle of Asahi on earth. Everything in Japan is rather small so I figured I should get the big one, the really big one. A great way to make friends is to share your gigantic bottle of beer with your table mates, which will also prevent you from getting so drunk you can’t find your way back to the train station.



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